NameBook NumberDate of Death
Emmitt Qualls70509401/18/2013
William Holloway86787501/17/2013
Glenn E. Clelland71026401/28/2013
Vernon J. Hoffman64878302/23/2013
Jimmy Moreno133026102/15/2013
Chester P. Delgado66815103/01/2013
Lindsey M. Stevers53962503/28/2013
Gary Weppler91655404/17/2013
Cecil E. Conner91178204/18/2013
Burrell Cureton53491405/07/2013
Bobby O. Bethune72618405/16/2013
Raymond Porter46621605/20/2013
Lester O. Stierlen71733506/14/2013
John Ormsby124907607/15/2013
Bobby Lee Hinkle77406109/21/2013
Thurman Martin64673509/26/2013
Wayne Rulapaugh69266211/04/2013

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