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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Labor is under attack this election season.

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has pledged to erase Davis-Bacon and weaken organized labor. Several candidates for state office have also admitted they don’t think unions are good for America.

If you haven’t yet registered to vote for the Nov. 6 election, please click here to register today. We need your vote!

Voter registration forms are also available at the hall.

Squelch anti-union voices by getting louder!

Why are some politicians so misinformed about unions? We’ll never know, but unfortunately they’re not some irrelevant crew we can write off. One of them could be running the country in January.

Anti-union voices are growing stronger and we’ve got to do something about it. The best way to match those voices is to use our own – by casting ballots on Nov. 6.

We’ve got to get out there and vote – every single one of us. We’ve got to show those politicians that we mean business, that our votes matter and that we’re a major force in America today.

So click here to register today and remember to vote on Nov. 6!

In Solidarity,

Buzz Murphy
Business Manager

Election Information

Your vote is your voice. You cannot have an impact in politics, if you don’t vote. For each election, our goal is to ensure that every member is registered to vote … AND that you vote.

Arizona’s voter-registration requirements

  • A citizen of the United States
  • 18 years of age or older, preceding the next general election
  • A resident of Arizona 29 days, preceding the next general election
  • Have not been convicted of a felony or treason, or if so, your civil rights have been restored

View information <insert link to Proposition 200 pdf> about identification requirements at Arizona’s polls.

Register to vote now!

You have two ways to register to vote:

  1. Online Registration: You can register to vote or update your existing registration online at www.servicearizona.com
  2. Mail-in Registration: Call 602-506-1511 to have a new-voter registration form sent to you, or visit http://recorder.maricopa.gov/pdf/english.pdf

Voting by mail

Would you prefer the convenience of receiving a ballot in your mailbox? Eligible voters seeking to vote early can follow the absentee-ballot process.

Voters may make a verbal or written request for an early ballot within 90 days preceding the Saturday before any election. If a verbal request is made, the voter must provide his/her birthplace and date of birth. Voters should write, call, or e-mail their county recorder’s office to request early ballots. Some recorders will allow a voter to request an early ballot through their Internet sites.

To find out more information about early voting, contact your county clerk.

Also, each county in Arizona offers voters the opportunity to get on the Permanent Early Voting List. Each county’s form is slightly different, so to obtain a form or more details online, visit www.google.com and search for “Arizona” and “Permanent Early Voting List.” Then, choose the search result that matches your county of residence.

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